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Win Car Rental

Your local partner in rent-a-car.

We are a young rental car company which operates in the African market, and our ambition is to be a benchmark in car hire in Africa. This adventure has its beginning in 2007, in Angola, under the name of "Inter Rent". From there, we expand into Mozambican country, settling permanently in 2011. Investment in Mozambique coincides with the creation of a new brand: Win Car Rental.

At Win Car Rental we want the best service for our clients and the quality of our services is a continuous bet and that premise has been recognized internationally with three prestigious awards: the "Gold Award for
Excellence and Business Prestige, Quality Summit" presented in New York, in 2012, the "Century International ERA Quality Award/ Platinum", presented in Geneva, Switzerland in 2014 and with the Top of Business International 2015, by Brazilian "Top of Business" magazine.

We offer flexibility
.diversified fleet: options in economy class and luxury class
.solutions for groups
.option with private driver
.deliveries to the site chosen by you (see specific conditions at each site)
.available for you 24 hours / day

At each site we offer other services that complement our rent-a-car services.